Highway fog zone synchronous anti-fog traffic warning lamp

Highway fog zone synchronous anti-fog traffic warning lamp

Synchronous traffic warning lamp in the fog area of ​​the expressway:

It is also the late autumn season of 2019. It is easy to fog in the late autumn. Because of the fog, or because of the

weather, or because the weather is polluted, many places have deep fog, or There is a deep smog, this is a very

dangerous thing to drive a car on a highway, so what should I do?

Where is the synchronous traffic warning lamp used?

Which places are easier to traffic warning lamp? We first talk about the region, in Sichuan, Chongqing, Guizhou and

other places, because the mountain is steep, the altitude is higher, then it is easy to fog, itself in several cities in the

above cities, because there are more hills and mountains, the highway itself It’s not the kind of very straight highway,

but sometimes it’s a curved highway. It’s easy to accident, so the altitude is easy to get bigger in autumn and winter.


The second kind is urban smog, because China is a big manufacturing country, and many places, because of the

development of the economy, there is not much attention in the early stage. This kind of concept of green water and

green mountains, he has some things chemical, burning gas burning some Some things like sulfur dioxide, so some

smog will form some pollution to some local climates, then we will form the PM2.5 haze weather we often say, in this

case, it is also very prone to safe traffic accidents.

Third, how to give the driver friends tips on the synchronous traffic warning

lamp in the foggy area of ​​the expressway?

So how can the highway prevent or remind this state, give the driver friend a safe reminder to the driver friend on the


The most we have said before is an anti-fog lamp. The traffic warning lamp is a kind of safety warning on the expressway.

He can penetrate the fog of this fog area through the LED yellow light, and can give the driver a friend. A role of reminder,

telling him a state in front, telling him that the front is a warning, the front is a slower warning, and also knows its sense of

direction, because the highway fog lights are installed on the highway side On, played a guiding role.
4. Can the highway traffic warning lamp flash simultaneously?
It is best to use this LED flashing light on the highway anti-fog light, and it must use solar energy. So why should this be said?
It is because the highway LED fog lamp syncs the scintillator, it can become a straight line flashing, the driver friend can know

the state of the previous lead, he knows what kind of state is in front, he also knows where the edge of the road is. , so this is

very important, so LED fog lights are best able to flash simultaneously.

In addition to the highway fog zone synchronous traffic warning lamp, We also

produces other traffic lights:

1.300mm yellow full plate countdown traffic lights
2.400mm arrow with single 8 countdown traffic light
3.300mm mobile arrow combination traffic lamp
4.300mm arrow countdown 4 traffic lights

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