Highway Toll station ETC led display

Toll station ETC led display, toll station fee led display

We finally finished the delivery at 5 am.

Recently, the state has cancelled the provincial toll stations and increased the etc channel of each entrance and exit. This is

a project that is very beneficial to the country and the people, and because it can reduce the passage time of each driver to

improve the efficiency of communication, improve work efficiency and improve public satisfaction.

We have recently received a few very large projects. Let us first say that this time in Guangzhou, we have received a large

number of lung display and a large number of etc display at the top of the toll booth. In 21 days, we completed one-third of

the orders. We gave customers every point of every delivery, which was about 100 kilometers from Shenzhen to Guangzhou,

and then sent to Guangzhou by three locations. It’s about 200 kilometers, so the total number of roads is 300 kilometers, so it

is very far away. We set off at 3:00 pm, we received the first display screen of us, and the place with the etc. 8:00

After we unloaded the goods, it was probably 10:00, and then we ate a little something and rushed to the next place.and It was

already at 1:00 in the evening, it was really not easy to do business. Are squatting

After we sent all the goods, we sent each etc display screen and etc. to the toll station. After returning, it was already 5 o’clock in

the morning, and the sky was bright. It was really done from the dark. Bright

This is for every customer his integrity, because the customer is also very anxious, we promised that he must do it well

This time the fee led display, using a 3.75 dot matrix block, is the same as the previous method, using the dot matrix module, then his

color is red and green, its integrated color can reach 1000cd per Square meter, then it can display 4 lines and 10 words, the shell

is made of brushed stainless steel 304, the base is made of galvanized steel pipe, treated with hot-dip galvanizing

The display of the fee display is very convenient. It is controlled by the 232 mode. The 232 has a port. When you have a RXD and

TXD signal input, it can transmit the displayed content through this signal. Its stability is also very convenient

Fee display, there are many ways to combine it, its size can also be determined according to what you want to display, you can see

your distance, and see the size of your display, see your purpose to display We made a lot of highways, parking stations, parking

systems, etc.

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