toll station traffic signal light was sending out

1. How many types of toll gates are there?
First of all, how many kinds of lamps are generally available at toll stations? Of

course, this is the traffic signal light.
(1) Toll booth ceiling light:

First of all, the most common one is the one above the top of the toll booth. We call it the ceiling light, or the ceiling

light. We call it the red cross green arrow. The most common size is 600mm× 600mm square, he is basically a front

one, the back is a combination of this way

Toll station toll lights – fee display:

The second type is the fee display of the toll station. The toll station fee display refers to which entrance you enter

from, and then from which exit, then what is your license plate number, and then what is the cost you need to pay,

he I will tell you in great detail that we call the fee display, which we also call the fee card.

Toll station traffic lights – fog lights:

The third type is the fog lamp at the toll booth. So why is it called the fog lamp? In fact, it is also called the fog lamp.

Because when the fog is very big at the entrance of the highway, the vehicle is afraid of hitting it. Therefore, a fog

light for collision prevention was set up at the entrance to become an anti-fog light.

Toll station traffic lights:

The fourth kind is a traffic signal of the toll booth we are focusing on today. It is mainly red when the vehicle is charged.

When you charge the money, after the money is paid, it will display green. Your vehicle can open this toll booth.

How big is the traffic signal of the toll station?

The traffic lights of toll stations are generally not too big. The most important size is basically 272×272. Its unit is mm.

This size is our regular model. Of course, you can also customize it because we charge. For the Toll Station traffic lights

manufacturers, how big size specifications can be done.

 What is the display mode of the toll gate traffic lights?

First, the toll station traffic signal light has two status indications, the first one is a red fork, and the second one is a green

arrow. Here, the green arrow is specially reminded that it has a right lower 45 degree angle. Why? Is the right lower 45

degree angle? Its oblique lower corner is just that your vehicle can pass. If it is a straight lower corner, its direction

corresponds to the wrong position.

4. What is the control method for the toll gate traffic lights?

Toll station traffic lights have no relay power-on or relay control mode. Many toll stations have traffic lights, which are controlled

by the switch signal, and what is open signal control, that is, when you are not churched, it is Red, after you have paid the money,

the system will show that you have paid the fee. At this time, a closed signal will be given, and its signal light will be green. At this

time, it can pass, so use the switch signal and use the relay. It is a way of releasing the traffic light of this toll station.

In addition to the toll gates, Victoria also produces other traffic lights:

1. Highway toll station ETC information screen
2. Pixel tube variable speed sign
3. Highway variable speed sign
4.125 type red and green lights

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