What are the advantages of the solar mobile radar speed limit sign?

What are the advantages of the solar mobile radar speed limit sign?

1. solar mobile radar speed limit sign is mainly used for urban road maintenance and maintenance speed measuring area. Using

Taiwan’s wafer chip bead, the number of LEDs is tightly arranged, ultra-high brightness, concentrated light, very large viewing angle

and good visual effect.
2. solar mobile radar speed limit sign shell is aluminum, the outer box adopts integrated chassis, beautiful design, strong waterproof

effect, good oxidation resistance, equipment does not fade, no rust during use.
3. solar mobile radar speed limit sign reflective film: using engineering grade 3M reflective film, 3M reflective film can produce strong

reflective effect under certain light source illumination. The reflective brightness of 3M reflective film is 6 times of traditional logo. It can

be bright yellow; at night, it provides reliable security for pedestrians or night workers in the dark.

Second, the functions of the solar mobile radar speed limit sign are those?

1. When the vehicle enters the vehicle speed feedback sign radar detection area, the microwave radar will automatically detect the speed

of the vehicle, and this display it on the LED display in real time to prompt the driver to pay attention to reduce the driving speed, thereby

effectively reducing road traffic accidents caused by overspeed. happened.
2. The green speed is displayed in the safe speed, the red number is displayed in the overspeed, and the red number will flash continuously

to remind the driver (you have already speeded).
3. The solar mobile radar speed limit sign above the general limited speed mark (marking the speed limit standard of the road section) or the

reminder type such as “Your speed / YOUR SPEED” and a dynamic LED display, the above changing number shows the passing of the vehicle


Third, solar mobile radar speed screen installation instructions:

1. The solar mobile radar speed limit sign is used to actively convert solar energy into electrical energy through the solar panel when it is exposed

to sunlight, and is stored in the storage battery for use in the display screen. Do not install it under the shade of trees or obstructions to block sunlight.

Otherwise, the solar radar speed display will not be powered!
2. Clean the display and solar panels and the dust of the chassis at regular intervals.
3. At regular intervals, observe whether the radar speed display and other components are detached or damaged; if so, please replace it in time.
4. Regularly check whether the radar speed display is working properly, whether the line is damaged or not. If it is not working, it should be replaced

in time. If the line is damaged, it should be repaired or replaced in time. The internal line of the led display, non-professionals are forbidden to touch,

so as to avoid electric shock or damage to the line; if there is a problem, please consult the professional.

Fourth, the field application of solar mobile radar speed measuring screen:

In addition to the solar mobile radar speed limit sign, We also produces other radar speed signs:
1.220V relay radar speed screen
2. Solar radar speed screen
3. Construction radar speed screen
4. Radar speedometer

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